MSc Projects

Here you can find currently available MSc projects in the DBTG group. If you are a group of students and would like to work on one of the desribed projects don't hesitate to contact the respective person or Prof. Böhlen directly to talk about your own ideas. (This page is not always up to date, contact us if you're looking for an MSc project)

Optimization of Lempel-Ziv Algorithm for Entropy Rate Estimation of Numerical Time series

The Lempel-Ziv algorithm is  a well known universal lossless compression algorithm used for example in the GIF image format. The naive implementation of this algorithm has a time complexity of O(n2). If the series is symbolic implementations based on hash or dictionary data structure reduce the computational complexity to O(n). But this is not straightforward to apply when the series is numeric. So, the objective of the project is to implement solutions which are better than the naive solution for numeric series. Moreover, the project includes an experimentation task where the students are required to develop time series prediction models to study correlation between prediction performance and estimated entropy rate.

Supervisor: Jamal Mohammed