CDRec: Centroid Decomposition Recovery tool


CDRec is a recovery tool that efficiently implements the Centroid Decomposition technique in linear space complexity. CDRec performs an accurate and efficient recovery of missing values in real world hydrological time series. CDRec outperforms REBOM for the recovery of blocks of missing values in shifted time series. In aligned time series CDRec and REBOM perform similar block recovery.

Downloads and Installation


A user guide of CDRec that describes the main features, how to execute the tool and a running scenario is provided here.


CDRec is a prototype implemented within the REVIVAL project. You can download the executable JAR file of CDRec from here.

Source code

For experimental reproducibility, we provide the Java source code of the implemented prototype of CDRec here (in order to obtain the username and the password to connect to the database, please drop an email to Mourad Khayati).

The following libraries should be imported to your java project as external JARs packages in order to compile and run the source code of CDRec:


  • Prof. Dr. Michael Böhlen
  • Prof. Dr. Johann Gamper
  • Eszter Börzsönyi
  • Mourad Khayati


This work is mainly supported by a grant from Hasler Foundation and partially supported by a grand from a joint collaboration between university of Zürich (Switzerland) and the Free University of Bolzano (Italy). The real world hydrological time series were kindly provided by HydroloGIS (Italy).