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Department of Informatics Database Technology

Claudio Jossen

Short Curriculum

Claudio Jossen was born in Naters, Wallis (The most lovely Canton of Switzerland in his opinion). After his high school graduation at Kollegium Spiritus Sanctus in Brig, he studied at ETH Zürich and switched later to the University of Zurich.

During his studies, he worked at Atraxis AG (IT Department of former Swissair) and as research programmer in the Information Management Research Group of Prof. K. Bauknecht (em.) at the Department of Informatics (ifi), University of Zurich.

In February 2005 he received his MSc in Information Systems (Dipl. Inform. in Richtung Wirtschaftsinformatik) from the University of Zurich.

Since 2005 Claudio Jossen is a research assistant and doctoral student in the Database Technology Research Group, University of Zurich.

After some time as an internal research and teaching assistant he joined Helsana Versicherungen AG and became an external doctoral student. Since 2008 he is with Credit Suisse AG.

Research Interests

  • Metadata Definition, Integration, Aggregation, Derivation, Delivery and Presentation (Metadata Management)
  • Semantic Web and its technologies like RDF and OWL and their Role in Metadata Management
  • Semantic Query Languages and how to access Ontologies for Business Use
  • Design and Implementation of Business Software in Data Warehouse Environments based on Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA)


  • Semantic DWH Search - The Semantic DWH Search project is part of the Enterprise Computing Center at ETHZ.
  • MDMS - The MDMS (Metadata Management System) project was joint work with Helsana Versicherungen AG.


  • Lukas Blunschi, Claudio Jossen, Donald Kossmann, Magdalini Mori, Kurt Stockinger:
    Data-Thirsty Business Analysts need SODA - Search Over DAta Warehouse.
    Demo paper at ACM Int. Conf. on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM), 2011 Glasgow, Scotland (to appear)
  • Metadata management related book chapters in:
    Andreas Bauer, Holger Günzel (Hrsg.):
    Data-Warehouse-Systeme - Architektur, Entwicklung, Anwendung
    3. überarbeitete und aktualisierte Auflage, dpunkt.verlag, 2008
    ISBN: 978-3-89864-540-9
  • Claudio Jossen:
    Metadaten Management - Grundlagen und industrielle Praxis.
    1. Auflage, VDM Verlag Saarbrücken, 2007
    ISBN: 978-3-8364-2333-5
  • Claudio Jossen, Klaus R. Dittrich:
    The Process of Metadata Modelling in Industrial Data Warehouse Environments.
    Workshop Model Management und Metadaten-Verwaltung (BTW 2007). Aachen 2007, [pdf]

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