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Department of Informatics Database Technology


A partial list of courses I am or have been teaching:
Distributed Database Systems (Fall 2010), Nonstandard Database Systems (Fall 2009-10), Database Systems (Spring 2010), Seminar in Databases (Spring 2010), Data Structures and Algorithms (Spring 2004-8), Advanced Algorithms (Spring 2008), Data Warehousing and Data Mining (Fall 2004-8).

I am supervising the following PhD students:
Anton Dignös, Francesco Cafagna, Amr Noureldin, Claudio Jossen, Mourad Khayati, Christian Tilgner, Dietrich Christopeit. The following people completed their PhD theses under my supervision: Romans Kasperovics, Andrej Taliun, Nikolaus Augsten, Arturas Mazeika, Michael O. Akinde, Ole Guttorm Jensen, Linas Bukauskas.

If you like to develop scalable algorithms for data-centric systems and if you are interested in a PhD position in the database system area please contact me. If you would like to pursue an internship, BSc or MSc thesis under my supervision please send me an email.