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  • Grüne Software

    Wie kann Software zur Schonung natürlicher Ressourcen beitragen? Das Umweltbundesamt (Deutschland) veröffentlicht eine neue Studie, die wir gemeinsam mit den Berliner Instituten IZT und Borderstep erarbeitet haben.More...
  • Information Technology and Renewable Energy

    Special issue released: The April 2015 issue of Environmental Impact Assessment Review, edited by Lorenz Hilty and Bernd Page, provides a broad overview of ICT-based approaches to meet the challenges of renewable energy solutions.More...

Welcome to the Informatics and Sustainability Research Group

The Informatics and Sustainablity Research (ISR) group conducts research and provides teaching in the interdisciplinary field between Informatics and Sustainability Research. This includes Sustainability by ICT (the design of ICT systems supporting sustainability) and Sustainability in ICT (reducing negative impacts of ICT).

Our research focuses on the principles of collaboration platforms, simulation models and information systems that can support the transition to sustainable patterns of production and consumption.

The ISR group is a cross-institutional team of PhD students and researchers from the Department of Informatics at the University of Zurich and the Technology and Society Lab at Empa, the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Testing and Research, headed by Prof. Lorenz Hilty.