Selected Publications

  • Hilty, L.M., Lohmann, W., Behrendt, S., Evers-Wölk, M., Fichter, K., Hintemann, R. (2013): Green Software: Analysis of potentials for optimizing software development and deployment for resource conservation, Umweltbundesamt, Dessau (pdf)
  • Huber, M.Z., Hilty, L.M. (2015): Gamification and Sustainable Consumption: Overcoming the Limitations of Persuasive Technologies. Hilty, L.M., Aebischer, B. (eds.) ICT Innovations for Sustainability. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing. Springer, 367–385 (pdf)
  • Coroama, V.C., Hilty, L.M. (2014): Assessing Internet Energy Intensity: a Review of Methods and Results. Environmental Impact Assessment Review 45, 63-68 (pdf)

Introductory Texts

 Some of our publications provide an introduction to our research area. Please check these folders if you are looking for an introductory text.
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