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Department of Informatics Requirements Engineering Research Group


Garuso stands for Game-based Requirements Elicitation. In the Garuso research project, we investigate the potential of Gamification in the field of Requirements Engineering. Our goal is to shed light to the challenge of motivating stakeholders outside organizational reach towards the elicitation of requirements.


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Research Context

Successful requirements elicitation significantly contributes to the development of thriving software systems. Involving the stakeholders, i.e., the people or organizations that influence the requirements of a software system or are affected by it, is a cornerstone of requirements elicitation.

Along with the globalization and the evolution from location bound, clumsy pieces of software systems to today's ubiquitous and embedded ones, the characteristics of stakeholders have changed as well.

Stakeholders are increasingly neither members of the organizations ordering and using a software system nor of the ones developing it. These stakeholders are so-called outside organizational reach. This means, that thy cannot be mandated or instructed by the organizations or the requirements engineers to participate in the elicitation of a software systems' requirements.

Established elicitation methods do not suffice to motivate these stakeholders to participate in the eliciting process of a software system. These methods are mainly designed and intended for identifying stakeholders inside organizational reach and eliciting requirements of them. As such, these methods are applied under the assumption that an organization has to a certain extend leverage on the stakeholders. This however, is not the case when dealing with stakeholders outside organizational reach.

The identification of stakeholders outside organizational reach and their motivation to participate in the elicitation process are major challenges in the field of requirements engineering.

In the Garuso research project, we explore and investigate the potential of Gamification in the field of Requirements Engineering. In particular, we are interested in how Gamification can be applied to motivate stakeholders outside organizational reach to participate in the elicitation process of software systems.

Our focus is on software systems supporting the transition towards sustainable development. Such systems further include stakeholders that are affected by the utilization of a software system (e.g. by increased CO2 emissions) but do not utilize the software system themselves. They are a special kind of stakeholder outside organizational reach. We call them indirect stakeholders.



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