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Department of Informatics Interactive Visual Data Analysis Group

Seminar: Creating Evidence in Digital and Mobile Health (MSc, PhD)

Digital Health
Lecturer Prof. Dr. Jürgen Bernard
Teaching Language English
Level MSc, PhD (DSI)
Academic Semester Spring 2021
Time and Location

Block Course:

Thursday 22.04.2021, 09:00-17:00 Uhr

Friday 23.04.2021 09:00-16:00 Uhr

Course Material

Slides, Exercises

Link to VV MSc, DSI
Link to OLAT MSc
AP (ECTS) 3 (MSC), 1(DSI)

Prof. Jürgen Bernard

Prof. Viktor von Wyl

Office Hours Prof. Jürgen Bernard: email for appointments, BIN 5.E.15


Course Goals

  • After completion of this course, participants should have an awareness for the critical points in study design and conduct, and for the data analysis workflow.
  • Given this knowledge, students will be able to critically appraise protocols and publications
  • Implicit Goal: We all will learn how to interact across disciplines, find a common language, appreciate other disciplines’ concepts and frameworks, and thus become better prepared for working and living in a highly digitalized and specialized world.


Course Outline

  1. What is digital and mobile health (mHealth)?
  2. How do epidemiologists and data scientists think?
  3. Experimental methods and concepts for evaluating mHealth
  4. Data scientists’ approaches to analyzing (non-experimental) data
  5. Overview over ethical, legal and regulatory frameworks for mHealth
  6. User Engagement: What are the needs and wishes of end users?
  7. Data, Tasks, Users: Strategies to plan and execute mHealth evaluations

Lectures and practical exercises (+data analysis task for Master students)