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Department of Informatics Interactive Visual Data Analysis Group

Ethical and reflective prompt engineering for ChatGPT and Co.

Lecturers Prof. Dr. Jürgen Bernard
Teaching Language English
Level BSc, MSc, Ph.D.
Time and Location

Series of pre-defined dates/events

Course Material

Slides, Exercises

Office Hours Prof. Jürgen Bernard: email for appointments, BIN 2.A.24


Course Description

Campus course: Ethical and reflective prompt engineering for ChatGPT and Co.

Lecturer(s): Jürgen Bernard, Noah Bubenhofer, Simon Clematide, Joanna Kathleen Hastings, Melanie Röthlisberger, Gerold Schneider, Anna Christina Véron

Content of course:


This course introduces students to prompt engineering and appropriate ways to use AI models for the generation of different outputs (text, image, etc.). They will learn about existing AI models, the algorithms behind AI, current trends in AI tools and models, ethical and legal issues that users of AI should be aware of (including copyright), and various practical examples how AI can be used also for their studies (e.g. to generate texts, summarize information, etc.). Ultimately, students will learn how to formulate appropriate prompts to generate the information that they want.

After the course, students are able to:

  • use appropriate prompts to generate the required information / outcome using different AI tools
  • assess the quality and truthfulness of AI-generated outcomes
  • use AI tools critically considering ethical and legal aspects
  • name different applications and practical examples where AI is helpful
  • name advantages and disadvantages of AI models and tools