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Department of Informatics Interactive Visual Data Analysis Group

Doctoral Seminar in Interactive Visual Data Analysis

Doctorial Seminar
Lecturers Prof. Dr. Jürgen Bernard
Teaching Language English
Level Ph.D.  students in Interactive Visual Data Analysis research
Time and Location


Course Material

Slides, Exercises, Papers, Study Materials

Link to VV Ph.D.
Office Hours Prof. Jürgen Bernard: email for appointments, BIN 2.A.24


Course Description

The course consists of two parts: In a two-day workshop, each doctoral student presents a progress report on his/her PhD thesis and a reflection on recent developments in the specific research field. The second part consists of regular meetings which include researchers and doctoral students presenting their PhD research progress, current paper projects, conference reports, presentation rehearsals, new research projects, guest lectures, as well as the review and evaluation of other student projects.

Course Goals

The PhD students learn to create, write, and present scientific publications, how to manage their PhD project, and how to manage, supervise, and evaluate student projects.