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Department of Informatics Interactive Visual Data Analysis Group

Fundamentals of People Oriented Computing

Fundamentals of People-Oriented Computing is a new teaching format that replaced the "Master Basismodule".

It is part of the People-Oriented Computing(POC) study direction, comprising the topics offered by IFI that focus on the relationship between humans and technology. POC deals with the human-centered design of information technology. User-friendliness, security, and cultural and ethical aspects are of core importance. You create interactive systems and visualize information.

Title Fundamentals of People-Oriented Computing
Specialization People-Oriented Computing
Term Fall 2022
IVDA Topic Human-Centered Interactive Visual Data Analysis

Several professors will offer topics to choose from. The topic I'm offering is "Human-Centered Interactive Visual Data Analysis"

About the Course

The Fundamentals of POC is designed to:

  • Provide a deep dive into a POC topic that excites you
  • Give you experience in reading and analyzing scientific literature
  • Give you the chance to gain familiarity with a professor or research group in POC
  • Complement other lectures and teaching formats with a self-directed module

Basic format of topic is reading scientific literature and individual oral examination

  • Reading is typically 250-300 pages, depending on format
  • Course grade is mainly determined by the grade of the assessment

Our Topic: Human-Centered Interactive Visual Data Analysis


This topic investigates the human-centered component in data-centric research and practice. We will study concepts, methodologies, and techniques focusing on the Human-Centered AI, Human-Centered Machine Learning, and Human-Centered Data Analysis in particular.

Focus Topics (within IVDA)

This year, we have eight focus topics at your disposal. Focus topics are specializations of the IVDA topic, towards an aspect that is most interesting to you:

  • XAI Special: explanation of machine learning models
  • Digital Libraries Special: search and exploration of digital object spaces
  • Data Labeling Special: interactive data labeling
  • Item Similarity Special: user-based interactive similarity definition
  • Item Ranking Special: human-centered ways to create item rankings
  • Human-Model Dialog Special: ways of human-centered model building
  • Healthcare Special: data-driven decision-making in personalized health
  • Digitalization Special: ways how IVDA tools help master the digital transformation