Welcome to the Database Technology Group of the Department of Informatics (IfI) at the University of Zurich. The research of the database technology group focuses on data centric systems. A key focus is on issues related to time-varying information, including data models and query languages, query processing, and database algorithms. Ongoing research activities of the database technology group also include aspects of data warehousing, spatial databases, database migration, schema evolution, data provenance, and similarity search.

The research approach of the database group has a technological focus and includes the construction of data-centric solutions. Our activities include the design and implementation of systems, algorithms, data structures and database languages, system-based experiments, and algorithmic complexity analysis. The emphasis is on theoretically sound results with a solid formal basis that solve actual real-world problems. We develop algorithms and systems to validate, communicate, and disseminate our research results.

Spring Semester 2022 DBTG meetings

The DBTG meetings are open for the public. Master students who are working on their MSc thesis or who have a plan to do it in the near future are highly encouraged to participate in these meetings. Research work presentations of the PhD candidates in our group could be very beneficial for students who are thinking of pursuing  a PhD in the future. All the meetings will take place at IFI in room BIN 2 E 18 at 14:00-15:00. For more information contact: Jamal Mohammed

21-02-2022 Xiaozhe Yao MSc Thesis defense: "Implementing Learned Cardinality Estimation in a Database Systems Context"."
07-03-2022 AmirReza Alizade Nikoo Give a talk on his research
14-03-2022 Laura Toedtli MSc Thesis defense: "Exhaustive enumeration of variable-length motifs in time series"
21-03-2022 Nicoletta Farabullini MSc Thesis defense:"Indexing Videos Containing Human Motion in the Form of Dance"


Andris Prokofjevs MSc Thesis defense:"Digital Message in a Bottle"
02-05-2022 Jamal Mohammed Give a talk on his research
16-05-2022 Muhammad Saad Give a talk on his research
30-05-2022 Qing Chen Give a talk on his research