General Study Information

Attention: The information sheets (below) have been slightly revised. They will be valid and binding from 1 August 2018.

On this page we provide additional information relevant to your studies, e.g., registration forms, information sheets, downloads of presentations. If you can't find what you're looking for, a link is broken, or an English translation is missing, please contact us and we will try to add the missing parts.

Information on the Master's Project

The Master's project is a major group project for two to four students working on a subject that is closely linked to a research group at the Department of Informatics. The Master's project is an intensive, demanding and exciting work worth 18 ECTS credits. We recommend that you work on the Master's project during the lecture-free time in summer.

The Master's project is carried out using scientific methods and must be concluded with a compulsory final report. This report should be a combination of the key technical results and the scientific aspects of the project, so that the results are scientifically reflected on and classified.

The group project may only be started once all the group members have successfully completed their Master's basic module (minor students are excluded from this rule). As soon as the students have formed a group, they register the project at the department secretary with a project description and the Registration form (PDF, 79 KB).

Master Project Market

This event offers the opportunity to interact with other students and to form groups. IfI organizes a Master Project Market every semester.

The last Master Project Market took place on Thursday 15 March 2018. The slides are available here (PDF, 2308 KB).

Group building OLAT

If you are interested in one or more projects, please enroll in the OLAT course "Informatics Master Project" and use the discussion boards there. Attention: enrolling in the OLAT course is only for discussing topics and finding peers who want to form a group. To register for the project you have to use the registration form.

Potential topics: See Offene Stellen

Topics for the Master’s Project

Research group Professor Links
Dynamic and Distributed Information Systems Bernstein Topics
Database Technology Group Böhlen Topics
Software Evolution and Architecture Lab Gall / Fritz Topics
Requirements Engineering Research Group Glinz Topics
Informatics and Sustainability Research Group Hilty Topics
Visualization and Multimedia Pajarola Topics
Robotics and Perception Group Scaramuzza Topics
Computation and Economics Research Group Seuken Topics
Information Management Research Group Schwabe Topics
Communication Systems Group Stiller Topics
People and Computing Lab Huang/Wacharamanotham Topics

If you cannot find an interesting topic, you may contact the research groups directly.

Tutors and Teaching Assistants

Each semester, IfI seeks Tutors and Teaching Assistants for a number of courses.

If you are interested in working as a Tutor or Teaching Assistant and think you have enough knowledge and experience in the respective subject, please send an e-mail to the corresponding contact person with the following information:

    Name, matriculation number, semester, any previous experience as Tutor/TA (if so, when and for which subject), further knowledge (e.g., programming), short self-introduction, previous study achievements.

You will then be placed on a list of candidates and contacted by us for a discussion.

Note: You can only enroll as Tutor or TA after you have been confirmed. Enrollment is then carried out by the corresponding contact person with a form (signed by the lecturer) at the department secretary, office 2.B.11, phone 044 635 43 21. The registration must be handed in by the beginning of the course at the very latest.

Registration Tutor/Teaching Assistant (PDF, 69 KB)

Guidelines for First Semester Students (German only)

Here you find the most important Informatics study information (PDF, 275 KB) in compact form (German only).

Room for group work

For group work, students can use room BIN 0.C.09, which is located inside the library. Please check the Terms of Use and the reservation procedure (in German only).