Thesis and project topics


Two master Projects with the starting schedule in summer are available below — 25 March 2019

How to apply for a thesis/project topic at ZPAC

We have several projects aiming to understand and improve scientists' work activities, such as conducting literature survey, reading statistics, and designing experiments. Some of the topics are listed below. We may also have new topics that we haven't managed to put up the announcement yet. (This is usually the case for off-season applicants.) So, email us if you are interested.

To pick an engaging topic for your thesis or project, we would like to consider your background knowledge and your interest. In your email, please send us your academic transcript (listing courses taken and grades achieved) and CV. Additionally, if you have any previous or on-going projects that demonstrate your skill, send us a pointer to them (e.g., a website, a video demo).

Create a table like below to rate your prior skills and tell us about your preference of the types of work that you'll do during your thesis. You have the freedom of interpreting the term "preference": you could choose the areas that you are already proficient at or the areas that you wish to develop further. Feel free to add more rows if you wish to let us know about any unlisted skills/preferences!

Aspect Current skill
1 = very weak
5 = very strong
Work preference
1 = least preferred
5 = most preferred

Literature research
reading papers, search for related work


e.g., observation, interview

prototyping, iterative design
including (but not limiting to) web programming
Hardware programming
e.g., Arduino, Raspberry PI
Hardware construction
e.g., soldering

Mathematical modeling
e.g., formulating a theory and proofing it


Computer graphics
e.g., coordinate transformation, rendering

Lab experiments
with human participants and analyzing the results
Academic writing
drafting and editing effective and elegant prose

Please specify at least two programming languages that you are proficient.

Lastly, tell us when do you plan to start the project and how many hours per week do you plan to work on the project for each month in the project duration. To help you think through this, we ask you to fill in the "project planning spreadsheet".

Project planning spreadsheet (ZIP, 494 KB)

Send the application package to the respective contact person listed in the project call. After we receive your email, we'll get in touch. Typical response time is within 3 days during the semester period.

For the master project, we expect you to apply as a team. Send one email per team.

Open thesis and project topics