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Thesis and master project topics

How to apply for a thesis/project topic at ZPAC

The open topics are listed on the links below. Each of them has a PDF document with details. If the list below is empty, email one of our lab members to ask about unannounced possibilities. 

We would like to consider your background knowledge and interest in picking an engaging topic for your thesis or project. In your email, please send us your academic transcript (listing courses taken and grades achieved) and CV. Additionally, if you have any previous or ongoing projects that demonstrate your skill, send us a pointer to them (e.g., a website or a video demo). Lastly, tell us when you plan to start the project and how many hours per week you plan to work on the project for each month in the project duration. To help you think through this, we ask you to fill in the  Google Sheet template Send your application to the person indicated in the thesis description.

For the master project, if apply as a team, send one email per team.

Masterproject: Developing a Case Managment System for an NGO

For a research project, we are looking for a group of students who is interested in collaborating with the Swiss Competence Center against Forced Marriages.  The student will be supervised by Nimra Ahmed.

Study Description

The Federal Department against Forced Marriages (Statesecretariat Human Rights & Migration) is an NGO that has been assisting individuals affected by forced marriages since 2001. They have been managing cases manually due to the absence of a suitable case management system. This not only makes the consultation experience less than ideal but also communicating with other related agencies (Immigration police, women's shelter, KESB) is made difficult. 

The goal of this project is to come up with a case management system that addresses the everyday issues of the NGO, facilitates communication with other agencies, automatically creates reports, and provides statistical insights. This project consists of research (20%), design (20%), and development (60%) and is suitable for groups of 3+ students.

To Apply

Send an email to Nimra Ahmed ( with the subject "Masterproject: CoCFM”.  Your application should include a 1) a short cover letter 2) a brief CV (please mention whether you have taken the HCI or POC Lecture and/or HCI Seminar), and 3) your transcripts (grades of all the courses you have taken so far in your MSc/BSc studies). 


Open Application

There are currently no open projects, but you may check out our current research and interests and contact the respective lab member for any open opportunities.

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