HS 2019 - People-Oriented Computing

2912 - Lecture: People-Oriented Computing - HS2016

Course Description:

Developments in technology have had a profound impact on people and the
world in which we live, work, and interact. These developments are
simultaneously enabling and challenging, and the co-evolution of
computing and people's use of it has led to important issues for the
design, development, adoption of technology, as well as the
understanding of its impact on how we live.
This course provides an introduction to human-oriented aspects of
computing, and serves as a foundation for further study in people-
oriented computing. Fundamental human issues of technology will be
covered at the level of individuals, groups, organizations, and society.
The course will provide a general introduction to key areas in people-
oriented computing, and also touch upon relevant topics such as roles
and potential careers in computing, methods and approaches employed in
these areas, and future directions for technology.