Software Testing 2019 - Lecture + Laboratory

Lecturers: Prof. Dr. Alberto Bacchelli , Dr. Fabio Palomba
Teaching Language English
Level BSc, MSc
Academic Semester Spring 2019
Time and Location Tuesday, 14:00-15:45, BIN-2.A.10
ECTS: Lecture: 3, Lab: 3 (both including a mark)
Lab seats: Only up to 24 students can participate to the lab
Office Hours email for appointments

Course Content

Software testing is a crucial activity that developers perform to produce high-quality and reliable software. However, this practice and its theory is often neglected in academic curricula. This course aims to fill this gap by providing students with an updated theoretical and practical knowledge on the most relevant software testing methods.

Target Audience

Recommended for students in their bachelor's program, from fourth semester on, and students in their master's program, from first semester on.


Learning Objectives

At the end of the course students:

  1. are able to recall and list the most important software testing practices
  2. can describe the most common applications of software testing practices
  3. can judge the benefits/drawbacks of using specific software testing practices
  4. are able to recall and list coverage criteria and judge their usefulness
  5. can apply various testing practices to existing pieces of code

Examination and Grading


  • Midterm, written exam 50%
  • Final, written exam 50%

The midterm part can be repeated at the final exam (the best grade is considered). Both the midterm part and the final part must have a passing grade to pass the course.


  • Assignments 80%
  • Final report 20%