Seminar: Data Science for Software Engineering 2019

Lecturers: Prof. Dr. Alberto Bacchelli
Teaching Language English
Level BSc, MSc
Academic Semester Fall 2019
Time and Location

Thursdays (from 19.09.2019) at 10:15-11:45 in BIN-1.D.29

ECTS: 3 (including a mark)
Office Hours Send email for appointments.

Course Content

The main goals of the seminar Data Science for Software Engineering (DSforSE) are learning how to:

  1. read, present, and discuss current and classic literature in DSforSE,
  2. be aware of the most important achievements in the field,
  3. describe the most common applications of discussed practices in the field, and
  4. judge the benefits/drawbacks of using specific data science practices for software engineering.

These goals are achieved with three pillars: (1) frontal lectures in class, (2) paper reading, critiquing, presenting, and discussion in class, and (3) creating of a research proposal on the topic of DSforSE.