Forms and Regulations


The doctoral program in Informatics is in accord with the Doktoratsordung DO DInf08 Version 1.1 and the Promotionsverordnung über das Doktorat in Informatik PVO DInf08. Both documents are available in German only.

For older doctoral students, who have not yet change to the new doctoral program, the old regualations are still applicable.

Validity Regulations
tracking changes
starting Mai 27th, 2009
starting December 15th, 2008
before December 14th, 2008

Approved Thesis Templates

The approved thesis templates in English and German with the correct texts for the title page and first inside page can be found here

Publication of the PhD Thesis

The publication process after the defense can be found here


Planning to write a paper, your thesis proposal, your PhD thesis? Please be aware of this important information on plagiarism.

Merkblatt Plagiate (in German only) (PDF, 204 KB)

Drop petition with doctor's attestation (Prüfungsabmeldegesuch mit Arztzeugnis)

This concerns examinations of modules as well as proposal and thesis defenses. The process is handled by the Dean's Office. Please inform your IfI PhD program coordinator first, and then follow the instructions in this link to the faculty page.