Publication of the PhD Thesis

Publication Process

Publication has to be done within two years counting from the degree conferral date.

In order to be published, the thesis has to be printed (in Format A4 or A5).

One (1) print copy has to be handed over to the advisor.

Three (3) print copies have to be handed in to the central library (Zentralbibliothek, ZB), and one copy on CD.

Please refer to the detailed instructions for publication from the Zentralbibliothek Zürich.

Candidates are responsible for copyright clearance in connection with the publication of their PhD thesis and are obliged to sign and hand in to the ZB a declaration of consent.

This completes the graduation process for the candidate.

The ZB will send one copy of the thesis to the diploma office which in turn will forward it to the advisor to be signed. As soon as the signed copy is back at the diploma office, and has been signed by the Dean of the Faculty, the diploma will be issued and sent to the candidate’s address in the online student file. Please make sure that this address is up-to-date.

The title on the diploma will be “Doktor/-in der Wissenschaften” / “Doctor of Science”. This title can be carried only after the receipt of the diploma.