PhD Thesis and Defense

The  end of the doctorate can be split into two subprocesses. The first one deals with the assessment of the PhD thesis. Once the thesis is accepted without any objections and the doctoral program has been successfully passed, the doctoral candidate can apply for the completion of the doctorate. This is the start for the second sub-process, where one defends the PhD thesis and finally gets promoted to a doctor in science (PhD).

Assessment of the PhD Thesis

Result: The thesis is accepted by the referent and coreferent(s) and by the ifi professors without objections.

Description: The process is initialized by the PhD student by handing in his/her PhD thesis at the teaching office together with the Registration for Graduation form (PDF, 62 KB)signed by the candidate and the advisor. After that the thesis is reviewed by the referents and coreferents. After the reviewing process the thesis and all the reviewing reports can be inspected by all ifi professors. If needed, they can send back their objections.

Time: This processes takes between 1 and 4 months time without any repetitions.

Completion of the Doctorate

Result: The PhD thesis is publically defended and the candidate will be promoted to a doctor in science (PhD).

Description: This processes is initialized by the facts that the PhD thesis has been accepted without objections and that the doctoral program has been completed successfully (= all ECTS have been obtained). If this is the case, a candidate can apply for the completion of the doctorate at the teaching office. The main point in the completion processes is the defense of the PhD thesis. If this has been successful, the candidate can be suggested for a promotion (at the next offical promotion date). For the official doctoral certificate it is required that the candidate publishes his/her doctoral thesis. The certificate should be delivered 4 to 5 weeks thereafter.
Without doctoral certificate one is not allowed to carry the title "doctor in science".

Time: This processes takes at least 6 weeks.