Research Methodology


Courses in research methodology offer a tool to conduct the doctoral research. This can be a tool for executing data-analysis or software implemention or it can even deal with the acquisition of research grants. Importantly, these courses are clearly detached in content of the core subject of the doctoral work. In particular, course offers of the Transferable Skills could be of particular interest.

It is highly recommended to attend these courses early during the doctoral studies, as they can serve as a tool for the doctoral work.


ECTS are given accoring to the rules for courses.

The following courses have been visited in the past to obtain ECTS in this category (nonexhaustive list):

Course ECTS
Applied inferential statistics for data scientists 3.0
Workshop on Driving Digital Innovation through Experimentation 0.5
The Logic of Scientifi Inquiry 2.5
An Introduction to Machine Learning 3.0
SS: Multimedia and Robotics (ifi) 2.0
IBM SPSS Data Science Workshop 0.5
Research Methods in Computer Science 1.5
Seminar Methodologies for Software Engineering 1.5
Seminar Research Methodology (Briggs) 1.0
SS MMCS: Advanced Statistics - Analysis 0.5
SS MMCS: Design Methodology 0.5
SS MMCS: Multimodal and Cognitive Systems 1.0
SS: Managing and Doing Design Research 0.5