ECTS Points - Explanation


  • Holds for PhD courses, PhD seminaries, summer-schools, doctoral symposia, courses on research methodology, and didactics courses
  • ECTS confirmed in written form by course organizers will be directly accounted for.
  • Without confirmation ECTS are given according to the following estimates:
    • 1.5 ECTS per semester period per week (~14 hours of lecture)
    • 0.5 ECTS per course day (~ 7 hours of lecture)
  • Final decision discretionary to the doctoral committee
  • For examples courses, click on the categories in the table directly!

For the accountance of courses the form "Achievement Report" (PDF, 79 KB) signed by the referent and a course confirmation is necessary.


  • No registration needed beforehand, sign the attendance list
  • You will receive 0.17 ECTS for every colloquium talk that you attend;
    resulting in a total of 18 colloquium talks to earn the total
    of 3 ECTS in this category.

Teaching Practice

  • According to the workload: 1.0 ECTS ≈ 30 h of work
  • Teaching assistance in lectures / seminaries: 0.5 - 3.0 ECTS according to the workload.
  • Assistance in a typical lecture: 2.0 ECTS
  • Supervision of master / bachelor / semester projects: 0.5 ECTS per semester
  • No ECTS for supervision or correction of exams, tests, ...
  • Discretionary to the advisor

Research Practice

  • 8.0 / 4.0 / 2.0 ECTS per publication A / B / C. The rating A / B / C is field specific
  • Downgrading in case of co-authorship is possible and discretionary to the advisor
  • Research proposals: 1.0 - 2.0 ECTS according to workload
  • Reviewing: max. 0.5 ECTS per semester
  • No ECTS for administrative reports (e.g. SNF or EU reports)
  • Discretionary to the advisor