Doctoral Courses, Doctoral Seminars, Summer-schools, Doctoral Symposia


Doctoral courses, doctoral seminars, summer-schools, doctoral seminars are events or lectures, which are in terms of content closely related to the field or subject of the doctoral work. These can e.g. be:

  • Doctoral courses or summer-schools in the discipline of the doctorant either internally or externally. 
  • Doctoral seminars, i.e. internal seminars organized by the research groups, which are publically announced and open to every-one.
  • In some cases doctoral symposia with a content close to the subject of the doctoral research.


ECTS are given accoring to the rules for courses.

The following venues have been visited in the past to obtain ECTS in this category (nonexhaustive list, all numbers are indicative only):

Course ECTS
SS: Text Mining with Neural Embeddings 0.5
SS: Network Science and Machine Learning for High-Resolution Social Networks 0.5
Summer School (SS) 2018 on Machine Learning 0.5 per day
Internal Doctoral Seminars (DS) 1.0
Internal DS: SoftTalk 1.0
Doctoral Consortium 0.5 per day
Retreat 1.0
Doctoral Course (DC): Software Engineering 1.5
DC: Advanced Graphics & Geometry Techniques 1.0
DC: Visual Perception 1.0
DC: VisWeek 1.0
DC: Morphological Computation 1.0
Spring-school (FS): Neural Dynamics Approaches 2.0
Summer-school (SS): MMCS: Dynamic Locomotion 0.5
SS MMCS: Morphological Computation 0.5
SS: MMCS: Physics Simulation 0.5
SS: MMCS: Multimodal and Cognitive Systems (all of the 3 above) 1.5
SS: Autonomous Intelligent Robots 2.5
SS: Complex Software Systems 2.0
SS: Multimedia Robotics 1.5