Didactics and Scientific Communication


Courses in didactics and research communication offer a tool to teach and communicate the own research. These courses are detached in content of the core subject of the doctoral work. In particular, course offers of the Continuing Education in University Training and Learning center and of the Language Center (scientific writing courses) or in the offer of Transferable Skills could be of particular interest.

It is highly recommended to attend these courses early during the doctoral studies, as they can serve as a tool for the doctoral work.


The following courses have been visited in the past to obtain ECTS in this category (nonexhaustive list):

Course ECTS
Scientific Writing for PhD Students 2.0
UFK: Time and Self Management 1.0
Workshop: Open Access Improvement 1.0
UFK: Führungskompetenz für Doktorierende 1.0
IfI Summer School 2013: Didactics 0.5
UFK Wirtschafts-Know-How 1.0
UFK Presentation Skills for doctoral students 2.0
UFK: Projektmanagement 1.0
UFK: Storyboarding as a Research Tool 1.0
UFK: Resource-Focuses Stress Management 1.0
SP: Rhetorical Skills 1.0
SP: Scientific Writing (ifi) 2.0
SP: Scientific Writing (UNI/ETHZ) 2.0
SP: Teaching in English 1.0
SP: Writing Clear Messages 1.0
Überzeugend präsentieren 1.0
What makes a good research paper? 1.0
Wissenschaft öffentlich kommunizieren 2.0
UFK: Wissenschaftliches Schreiben in den Soz. 1.0
Workshop: Audiovisual Support for Presenters 1.5
Workshop: Project Proposal 0.5