Managing Working Spheres


Most knowledge workers spend a big part of their time on their computers. This can involve work-related (e.g. concrete task, meet with team-member) as well as private (e.g. online shopping, Netflix, chat with friends/family) activities. Work-related tasks often contain several apps, files and other resources that the person needs to use to fulfill the task, so called working spheres. In this project, your goal is to develop a meaningful way to help users manage their different working spheres, including work-related and private ones

Task description

The project will include the following tasks, amongst others:

  • Perform a small literature review to learn more about similar already existing approaches.
  • Build new and use existing OS trackers to monitor system events and assets (files, websites, applications, interactions, …).
  • Analyse the collected data and develop an approach/algorithm to classify work and private assets.
  • Design and implement a smart interface (Mac/Windows/Web) that helps users quickly adjust wrongly classified private and work assets.
  • Find a meaningful use case which supports users managing their working and private spheres and evaluate it with a small user study.

Updated: 25.05.2020

Contact: Thomas Fritz