Innovation Gamification


In today's age of digital transformation and rapid development, pressure has grown on existing businesses to adapt, change and innovate. These businesses, who already have an existing customer base and established business processes, do not always have a concrete idea about the challenges and potential of expanding their business into new markets or migrating their know-how to modern technologies, although they would have the resources and willingness to expand.

In this context, the following questions are raised:

  1. Into which areas and by which means should a business expand?
  2. Can we build a knowledge-graph based on past and current business developments to infer how companies in specific industries can grow more optimally?
  3. How can the very early brain-storming stage of business expansion be facilitated?

As such, this project sits at the intersection of web development, game design, marketing and data science.

Goal of the Master Project

The outcome of this project should be:

  1. A knowledge graph connecting different industries, technologies and markets.
  2. A fully functional, web-based application which guides potential businesses through the early phase of expansion into new markets or via new technologies.

Task Description

The main tasks of the project are:

  • Find existing, high-quality resources on businesses and markets, and how they connect.
  • Formalize a schema for storing and querying this knowledge graph
  • Conceptually "gamify" the process of exploring new business opportunities
  • Implement a web-based interface for this process