YODA: Young and newcOmer Developer Assistant (ICSE 2013 Demo)

An Eclipse Plugin to identify and recommend Mentors in Open Source Projects

Tool description

Yoda (Young and newcOmer Developer Assistant) is an Eclipse plugin that identifies and recommends mentors for newcomers joining a software project. Yoda mines developers' communication (e.g., mailing lists) and project versioning systems to identify mentors using an approach inspired to what ArnetMiner does when mining advisor/student relations. Then, it recommends appropriate mentors based on the specific expertise required by the newcomer. The following video walkthrough shows Yoda in action, illustrating how the tool is able to identify and visualize mentoring relations in a project, and can suggest appropriate mentors for a developer who is going to work on certain source code files, or on a given topic.

Youtube Link


G. Canfora, M. Di Penta, R. Oliveto, S. Panichella. Who is going to Mentor Newcomers in Open Source Projects? In Proceedings of the 20th ACM SIGSOFT International Symposium On Foundations of Software Engineering, North Carolina, USA, 2012. ACM Press.


To download and install Yoda follow the User Guide (for Linux and Windows) YodaIntruction.zip

Alternatively, to avoid any configuration and istallation problem it is available on-line virtual machine having as operating system Windows 7 with the tool YODA already configured and perfectly working with the data of the project "Samba" (https://www.samba.org/). For more information on how to download the virtual machine please send an e-mail at panichella@ifi.uzh.ch).
IMPORTANT: The Windows virtual machine has as "user" password "YODA" (the eclipse with YODA pre-installed is placed in the virtual machine in "C:\Users\YODA\Desktop\yoda\eclipse-rcp-indigo-SR2-win32\eclipse"