ChangeAdvisor: A Change Requests RecommenderBased on Android User Reviews

Tool description

Android user reviews often contain precious information that can be profitably used to guide software maintenance activities. Nevertheless, because of their high frequency and lack of textual structure, analyzing the user feedback may result in
a problematic and manual effort. ChangeAdvisor is a tool we implemented that (i) examines the structure, semantics, and sentiments of user reviews to distill change requests to be addressed; (ii) then, it leverages information retrieval approaches to localize the code artifacts that need to be changed. The quantitative and qualitative evaluation of ChangeAdvisor, involving 10 open source mobile apps and their original developers, showed a high accuracy of the presented tool in (i) distilling and clustering user change requests and (ii) linking the source code components that need to be changed to accommodate such requests. In evaluating ChangeAdvisor we found that the original developers of the analyzed apps confirm the practical usefulness of the provided software change recommendations.


Authors: Alexander Hofmann, Fabio Palomba, Pasquale Salsa, Adelina Ciurumelea, Sebastiano Panichella, Andrea De Lucia and Filomena Ferrucci


How to use ChangeAdvisor

ChangeAdvisor Demonstration Video:


ChangeAdvisor example of use:


ChangeAdvisor Replication Package

ChangeAdvisor Replication paper of the original research work: Download. 

Repository of ChangeAdvisor (with information on how to download and install it):

The ChangeAdvisor tool was migrated completely to Java and we have also implemented a user-friendly GUI to facilate the use of ChangeAdvisor main functionalities: repository link.