Tools/Datasets Available:




- DECA-tool 

- YODA-tool 

- CODES-tool  

- ARdoc-tool  


- AUREA-tool (video demonstration at )

-LISA - A tool for Large-Scale, Language-Independent Software Analysis

Datasets,  Replication Packages and Appendices:

Replication Package for "Exploring the Integration of User Feedback in Automated Testing of Android Applications. "

- Replication Package for "Redundancy-free Analysis of Multi-revision Software Artifacts "

- Dataset TestDescriber  


- Replication Package for: "Analyzing APIs Documentation and Code to Detect Directive Defects" 

- Dataset of the paper: Android Apps and User Feedback: a Dataset for Software Evolution and Quality Improvement.

-Replication Package for "Replicating Parser Behavior using Neural Machine Translation".

Recommending and Localizing Code Changes for Mobile Apps based on User Reviews: Online Appendix

- Replication Package for "Analyzing Reviews and Code of Mobile Apps for a better Release Planning Organization".

- Replication Package for "What Would Users Change in My App? Summarizing App Reviews for Recommending Software Changes"

Replication Package for: "A Search-based Training Algorithm for Cost-aware Defect Prediction"

- Appendix for "How Can I Improve My App? Classifying User Reviews for Software Maintenance and Evolution"