Completed projects

Completed Projects

In the past, we have carried out the following research projects:

Handshaking - In this project, we are exploring pragmatic requirements communication according to Win-Win principles.

Attempto - In this project, we developed a requirements specification language which is based on the idea of using controlled natural language for specification.

Metamodeling - Here we explored new, better ways for defining the syntax and semantics of graphic specification languages.

Scenarios - We investigated the role of scenarios in Requirements engineering and developed new techniques for representing scenarios. We also dealt with scenario integration.

CASA - In this project we have developed a framework for mobile applications which can adapt automatically to changes in their environment (availability of resources or location) at runtime. CASA employs a contract-based adaptation policy, thus allowing modification of the adaptation policy at runtime.

SCENT - In the SCENT project, we developed a method for scenario-based testing of software.

UML - We have contributed to a better understanding of stereotypes and have investigated weaknesses of UML.