Sofija Hotomski

Sofija Hotomski
Research Assistant
Department of Informatics
University of Zurich
Binzmühlestrasse 14
CH-8050 Zürich
+41 44 635 43 24
Sofija Hotomski
IfI, BIN 2.B.17

Short bio

I received my MSc in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Faculty of Technical Sciences in 2011. During my bachelor and master studies I was a scholar in Schneider Electric DMS NS. After my studies I have worked for Schneider Electric DMS NS for three years: first as a software engineer and later as a SCADA subject-matter expert. I have been a member of the Requirements Engineering Research Group at the Department of Informatics since April 2015.



My researches is focued on highly practical issue of keeping requirements and acceptance tests documents aligned and updated. I am implementing an approach that keeps the documents aligned and consistent by using automatically generated guidance. All about my approach including the publications can be found at


2015 and 2016

Responsible for the organization of the assignemnt and exam parts



Summer School
  • DUnderstanding research paradigms and Intro to qualitative research methods: Prof. Geraldine Fitzpatrick
  • SNA and its usage in IS and Software Engineering: Prof. Kevin Crowston
  • Big Data Programming and Algorithms: Prof. Kunpeng Zhang
  • Designing Combinatorial Market-based Systems: Theory and Practice: Prof. Ben Lubin
  • Resilience Mechanisms for Improved Safety and Security: Prof. Christof Fetzer


Sofija Hotomski and Martin Glinz. 2018. A Qualitative Study on Using GuideGen to Keep Requirements and Acceptance Tests Aligned. To appear in 26th IEEE International Requirements engineering Conference (Research track), Banff, Canada 


Sofija Hotomski and Martin Glinz. 2018. GuideGen – A Tool for Keeping Requirements and Acceptance Tests Aligned. 50th International Conference on Software Engineering (Demonstrations track), 4 pages.

Download preprint (PDF, 929 KB)


Sofija Hotomski, Eya Ben Charrada, and Martin Glinz. 2018. Keeping Evolving Requirements and Acceptance Tests aligned with Automatically Generated Guidance. To appear in 23rd International Working Conference on Requirements Engineering: Foundation for Software Quality (REFSQ 2018). Won the REFSQ 2018 Best Paper Award
Download preprint (PDF, 1272 KB)


Sofija Hotomski, Eya Ben Charrada, and Martin Glinz. 2017. Aligning Requirements and Acceptance Tests via Automatically Generated Guidance. In 4th Workshop on Requirements Engineering and Testing (RET), Lisbon, Portugal.
Download paper (PDF, 130 KB)


Sofija Hotomski, Eya Ben Charrada, Martin Glinz, 2016. An Exploratory Study on Handling Requirements and Acceptance Test Documentation in Industry. In 24th International Requirements Engineering Conference (RE), Beijing, China,

DOI : 10.1109/RE.2016.37