FS2019 Semester Prize for Bachelor Thesis

Valérie Erb

Valérie Erb has been awarded a FS2019 Semester Prize for her BSc thesis, entitled «Physio-Coach: Evaluation of digital and conventional coaching methods for home-based physiotherapy exercises".

The BSc thesis was conducted under the supervision of Prof. Elaine Huang and in conjunction with Prof. Tobias Kowatsch and his reasearch group at ETH. Valérie Erb's research focused on the experience of using of an augmented reality coaching tool to support people's execution of physiotherapy excercises in the home. In particular, she compared the use of an augmented-reality based support tool with conventional paper-based support materials and video-based support on mobile phones. 

Valérie Erb is currently doing her Masters degree at KAIST in South Korea after having received a Global Korea Scholarship to support her studies.