Final publications of the ISR group

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Publications of the ISR group in Merlin

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Publications in progress

The following table shows the publications of the ISR group that are currently in progress. 


Authors Journal/Conference Status

Review of Haptic and Computerized (Simulation) Games on Climate Change.

A. Gerber
M. Ulrich
P. A. Wäger 
ISAGA 2019
Digitally Enabled Sharing and the Circular Economy: A Framework for Sustainability Assessment M. J. Pouri
L. M. Hilty
EnviroInfo 2019


A Theoretical Foundation of the Digital Sharing Economy

M. J. Pouri
L. M. Hilty
ICIS 2019
International Conference on Information Systems

VETUS – Visual Exploration of Time Use Data to Support Environmental Assessment of Lifestyles

J. C. T. Bieser
D. Haas
L. M. Hilty

ICT4S 2019


Software und Nachhaltigkeit L. M. Hilty Jahrbuch Ökologie 2019 submitted
Representation, propagation and interpretation of uncertain knowledge in dynamic probabilistic material flow models N. A. Bornhöft
B. Nowack
L. M. Hilty
Environmental Informatics


Cycle Assessment of Smartphones and Tablet Computers L.-P. Clément
Q.Jacquemotte L. M. Hilty
Environmental Impact Assessment Review submitted