Former ISR members

In alphabetical order.

Dr. Mohammad A. Achachlouei

Mohammad Ahmadi Achachlouei, PhD, was an academic guest at the Technology and Society Lab of Empa, hosted by the Empa part of the ISR group. He graduated in 2015 at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm on “Exploring the Effects of ICT on Environmental Sustainability: From Life Cycle Assessment to Complex Systems Modeling”, supervised by Åsa Moberg, Göran Finnveden, and Lorenz Hilty.


Dr. Nikolaus Bornhoeft

Dr. Nikolaus Bornhöft wrote his PhD thesis at the ISR group while working at the Environmental Risk Assessment and Management (ERAM) group of Empa on methods to model the environmental fate of nanoparticles. He graduated in 2017 on “A Dynamic Probabilistic Material Flow Modeling Method for Environmental Exposure Assessment”, supervised by Lorenz Hilty and Bernd Nowack.


Louis-Philippe Clément

Louis-Philippe Clément did an internship in the ISR group researching sources of variation in life-cycle assessments of ICT end user devices.

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Dr. Vlad Coroama

Dr. Vlad Coroama worked as a researcher at the Empa part of the ISR group from 2009-2010. He was engaged in the project of setting up and evaluating the virtual two-site conference (the first World Resources Forum) between Davos Congress Center and Nagoya. Vlad still closely cooperates with the ISR group in issues on environmental impact assessment of ICT in general and the energy consumption of the Internet in particular.


Dr. Andreas Gerber

Andreas Gerber works at Empa Materials Science and Technology and is still part of the joint NFP73 project Post-fossil Cities.

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Dr. Stefan Holm

Stefan Holm did his PhD on agent-based modelling of wood markets. His work was part of a project funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation as part of the National Research Programme „Resource Wood“ (NRP 66), which was carried out in cooperation with the WSL, the Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research (WSL).


Patrizia Huber

Patrizia Huber, M.A., worked in the project “Motivating Students of Information Systems, Information Technology and Computer Science Programmes for Sustainability” conducted by the UZH Sustainability Team and the ISR group in 2014-2016, funded by the Swiss Sustainable Development at Universities Programme.


Quentin Jacquemotte

Quentin Jacquemotte did an internship in the ISR group researching sources of variation in life-cycle assessments of ICT end user devices.

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Dr. Martina Kolpondinos-Huber

Martina Kolpondinos-Huber was a PhD student at the ISR group, both at UZH and Empa. She was the local organizer of the first international Conference on ICT for Sustainability, ICT4S 2013, which took place at ETH Zurich. She changed to the Requirements Engineering Group (RERG) to complete her PhD.


Jasmin Küng

Jasmin Küng, M.Sc., worked as a Master student for the Sustainability Team. She graduated on “Identifying and evaluating plate waste reduction potentials at a Swiss university canteen” from UZH in 2016.

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Dr. Wolfgang Lohmann

Dr. Wolfgang Lohmann worked as a researcher at the Empa part of the ISR group from 2011-2014 in the fields of Green IT, Green Software Engineering, and ICT for Sustainability.

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Dr. Ariane Lubberger

Dr. Ariane Lubberger worked as a researcher at the Empa part of the ISR group in summer 2017.

Yuliyan Maksimov

Yuliyan Maksimov, Dipl.-Ing., M.A., worked as a research assistant in the ISR group. One of his main projects was “Sustainable software design”, commissioned by the German Environment Agency. Yuliyan still cooperates with the ISR group, now in the field of machine learning.


Miro Meyer

Miro Meyer de Stadelhofen did an internship in the UZH Sustainability Team in 2017. He mainly worked on factheets about sustainability aspects of food and commuting and contributed to the project “Opportunities and Risks of Digitalization for Climate Protection in Switzerland” in cooperation with WWF and Swisscom.


Dr. Jürgen Reinhard

Dr. Jürgen Reinhard did his PhD studies at the ISR group while working at Empa and Quantis. He graduated in 2017 on “Computational frameworks to increase effectiveness and efficiency of data collection in Life Cycle Assessment”, supervised by Lorenz Hilty and Göran Finnveden.

Dr. Giovanna Sissa

Dr. Giovanna Sissa did her PhD studies at the ISR group and at the University of Milan - Computer Science Department, under the co-supervision of Prof. Lorenz Hilty. She graduated in 2013 on the topic From micro behaviors to macro effects - Agent Based Modeling of environmental awareness spread and its effects on the consumption of a limited resource, supervised by Ernesto Damiani and Lorenz Hilty. Since 2014, Giovanna is a senior research fellow at the Electrical, Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering and Naval Architecture Department (DITEN) of the University of Genoa. Giovanna conducts research on susainable energy, energy efficiency and behavioral change and behavioral demand response.


Tamar Tolcachier

Tamar Tolcachier assisted and supported the ISR group in secretarial work until 2018.