In-Depth Theses

Here you can find an overview about our currently available in-depth theses ("Facharbeit", "Vertiefungsarbeit"). Further information about the regulations for Minor students are available at

Communication in IT-supported Advice Giving

Logo Communication in IT-supported Advice GivingWords, that we use, reflect our knowledge about certain topic or domain of interest. The same holds for the gestures we make, for the material we use, and for the mimics. Mutual understanding is one of the prerequisites of a successful advisory session, be it a financial service encounter at the bank or crime prevention session at home. Understanding the role of IT in advisory sessions is a major task of research in this area. To address this issue, you will code and analyze video material collected in a number of experiments where dedicated IT systems were used to support advice provision at financial institutions. In this process you will establish and test a hypothesis that links the behavior of the advisor with the reactions of the customer.
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