Integration of Artificial Intelligence in service encounters

AI Banking

The Project

Artificial Intelligence is rapidly transforming service encounters in various sectors. The Information Management Research Group is exploring the integration of AI into bank advisory services together with partners from banking and IT. This thesis allows students interested in AI to investigate the potential of conversational agents in the service sector.

Banking advice is becoming increasingly complex. In addition to building a relationship with the client and offering the right services and products, the client advisor must keep many other aspects in mind while keeping a record of appointments. The cognitive load is constantly increasing, which leads to a reduced quality of cooperation and communication between the advisor and the client. The project develops a digital assistant that is seamlessly integrated into a conversation and performs time-consuming tasks in the background. The digital assistant helps to reduce the pressure on the consultant and increase the quality of the consultation.



Are you interested in the way people interact with artificial intelligence and do you want to contribute to the design of the conversational agent Heinzelmännli? 

The goal of this Bachelor’s thesis is to gain insights into the integration of conversational agents in service encounters. In particular, the IMRG is currently exploring different interaction and design choices to create a sociable collaborative conversational agent without overloading or interrupting the advisory session. During the course of this thesis, you will work with us and our project partners on different interaction and design aspects of Heinzelmännli, and will support in the planning and conducting of experiments with banking advisors and customers.

This thesis gives you the opportunity to deepen your knowledge in the application of artificial intelligence within a real-world innovation project.


For this thesis, we are looking for:

  • Motivated students with an interest for artificial intelligence and working with qualitative and/or quantitative data
  • Students should have a knowledge in CSCW and/or HCI and POC
  • German knowledge is required as the data is in German and Swiss-German

If you are interested in the topic and think you are the right person to get involved, contact us:

Dr. Mateusz Dolata

Andreas Bucher