Bachelor Theses

Here you find an overview about our currently available bachelor theses. Further information about the BSc program can be found at

Please, keep in mind that thesis submitted in August and February will not be corrected before semester degree conferral dates!

Exploring the Crypto Valley in Zug – An analysis of newspaper articles

Located in Zug, Switzerland, the Crypto Valley has emerged as one of the world’s leading ecosystems for innovation in the field of blockchain and cryptographic technology. Along with its increasing degree of popularity, many articles about the Crypto Valley have been published in the press and popular media. For instance, such articles deal with the history and development of the Crypto Valley, key actors in the ecosystem, and the conditions in and around the Swiss canton of Zug.
The goal of this thesis is to gain insights into how the Crypto Valley is described in the press and other popular media.

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What’s going on in the blockchain world? – An analysis of blockchain-related events

Blockchain technology is perceived as a disruptive technology that will affect various industries. The hype around blockchain goes hand in hand with an increasing number of blockchain-related events around the world, e.g. meet-ups and conferences. Such events provide participants with opportunities for knowledge sharing, information exchange, and networking.
This thesis aims to get an understanding of the focuses and actors in the context of blockchain-related events.

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Innovation projects in Switzerland: what can we learn from them?

Switzerland is a highly innovative country and have a vivid innovation landscape. Science-based innovation projects are an important part of this innovation landscape. The goal of this thesis is to identify the unique characteristics of science-based innovation projects and to explore challenges they face as well as factors underpinning their success. The student will analyse already existing data, collected about real science-based innovation projects, as well as collect and analyse data on their performance.