Susanne Steigler



 Research assistant

 Department of Informatics
 University of Zurich
 Binzmuehlestrasse 14
 CH-8050 Zürich
 Email: steigler AT
 Phone: +41 44 635 43 59
 Room: BIN 2.C.10



  • 2007-2008: Master of Science in Cognitive Science, University of Edinburgh, UK. Thesis Topic: "Tracking Public Personae - A Case Study in Bipolar Sentiment Analysis on News Sources" (Prof. Dr. Philipp Köhn).
  • 2003-2007: Bachelor of Arts in Computational Linguistics and Psychology, University of Heidelberg, Germany. Thesis Topic: "Anaphora Resolution: Implementing Cognitive Attributes in Computational Linguistics" (Prof. Dr. Anke Holler, Prof. em. Dr. Peter Hellwig).
  • 2000-2003: Dipl.-Ing.(DH) in Information Technology International, University of Cooperative Education in Mannheim & IBM Deutschland GmbH. Thesis Topic: "Conceptional Study of mySAP Supply Chain Management Product Release Migration" (Prof.Dr. Rainer Colgen, Carol Davis).

Research Interests

  • Artificial intelligence and its role in advisory services
  • How people perceive IT (conversational agents, AR/VR, apps) from interdisciplinary perspectives
  • Further developing AI capabilities
  • Cognitive Computing 
  • HCI

Open Theses and Master Projects

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If you are interested in doing the master thesis or project with me or, if you have any idea for new projects - feel free to contact me.

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