We focus on empirically studying software developers and on using personal and biometric data to improve software developers’ productivity and well-being. 

By better understanding what software developers need, what they experience, and how they operate, we are able to provide better and more tailored support to developers as well as improve their productivity and the quality of the software they produce. 

Developer Productivity

Understanding software developers' productivity, and devising approaches to allow developers to identify productive behavior changes through retrospection and self-reflection that fosters productivity and focus at work.  

Biometric Sensing

Exploring biometric (aka. psycho-physiological) sensors to measure cognitive and emotional states of developers, and using these measures to provide better support, such as, by intervening before a developer creates a bug or the developer's productivity is impeded.

Information Needs

Empirically studying developers’ information needs, and devising developer-centric models that provide easy access to the relevant project information or artifact, such as work item, code snippet, email, website, or file, at the right time.