Mission Statement of the Department of Informatics (IfI)

Shaping a People-Oriented Digital World

A new world

The advent and use of computers have fundamentally transformed the world in which we interact, work, and live. The interleaving of the physical and the digital is transforming the human condition, driving science and engineering, necessitating new means for economic interactions, and opening new avenues for data collection, storage, and analysis.

What we are

The Department of Informatics (Institut für Informatik, IfI) is embracing this transformation. We are a leading department whose scope extends beyond classical computer science to a new domain that focuses on both computing and human aspects.

IfI is at the forefront of understanding and shaping effective solutions to major challenges that humans face in a digital world today – solutions that satisfy human needs, are economically efficient and reflect socially and environmentally responsible behavior.

We address topics such as the aging society, privacy and value creation in a digital age, corpo- rate and societal innovation, and sustainable development as well as the underlying technical challenges of building and understanding large-scale, software-based systems. Our research results contribute to building a society which is sustainable, prosperous, and worth living in.


IfI’s research concentrates on the areas of People-Oriented Computing, Computing and Economics, and Big Data Analytics for Economics and the Sciences. Our research results in world-class publications as well as in innovations that help people solve real world problems.


Our academic programs reflect the department’s focus by combining a rigorous education in computer science with studies concentrating on people-oriented, real-world topics. We offer an extensive curriculum of courses at both the BSc and MSc levels.

Our graduates achieve academic qualifications meeting highest international standards. At the same time, they are also excellently prepared for professional careers in industry.

Career development

IfI provides resources and opportunities for junior scholars to achieve academic and professional excellence. Our doctoral students and post-docs are highly competitive at top international levels in their research communities and fields of specialization.


IfI cooperates extensively with industrial partners. Collaborative research and transfer projects ensure the real world significance of our research and the transfer of results into practice. Continuing education for professional development contributes to lifelong learning and qualification.

Work environment

IfI is committed to cooperative and transparent leadership. We strive to create a stimulating, performance-oriented work environment in which all members of the department contribute to its success through their unique capabilities and competences.