MSc Basismodule

The M.Sc. Basismodul is a major element of our M.Sc. curriculum and must be completed with an oral exam before the start of both the lecture period of the 3rd semester and the Master’s project. In order to apply for a M.Sc. Basismodul you need to make an appointment.

At the appointment your study plans will be discussed. So you need to bring a study plan containing a list of classes that (i) you took in the previous semester and (ii) you intend to take in the upcoming semesters during your M.Sc. studies . This appointment is intended to help you organize your coursework and your goals. Then, we discuss possible topics for the Basismodul and agree on a concrete subject. 

To enroll for a M.Sc. Basismodul you need to make an appointment by contacting and include:

  • when you would like to start the module (e.g. as soon as possible, in one month, the next semester)
  • a selection of one or more topics among the ones listed below. Before the meeting, please read about the available topics and indicate in which of them you are interested.


Topics available for M.Sc. Basismoduls can cover aspects of Knowledge Graphs and Liked Open Data as well as Multimedia Data Management and Analysis. Combinations of these topic areas may also be possible, further information is available upon request.