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What is this page for?

This page gathers media files (movies, audio, etc). available about DDIS projects and events in reverse chronological order.

SwissBigData Usergroup Meetup

On July 16, 2012, Abraham Bernstein have a talk at the Second SwissBigData Usergroup Meetup.

Open Data 2012 Talk: Big Open Data Processing

On June 28, 2012 Abraham Bernstein gave a talk at the Open Data Conference on Big Open Data Processing. The video can be found below and the slides are here(PDF, 14.82 MB) and below.

ESWC 2012 Keynote

In May 2012 Abraham Bernstein gave a keynote talk at the Extended Semantic Web Conference (ESWC) in Krete on:

Semantic Web/LD at a Crossroads: Into the Garbage Can or to Theory?

The talk can be seen here.

Abraham Bernstein ESWC 2012 Keynote

Programming the Global Brain Video

The paper Programming the Global Brain by Abraham Bernstein (UZH), Mark Klein (MIT), and Thomas W. Malone (MIT) was published in the May 2012 issue of the Communications of the ACM.

The paper discusses the how we can improve our understanding and utilization of the emerging human-computer network constituting the global brain. It argues that the differences between humans and computers require to make advances in Operating Systems, Programming Languages, and Software Engineeering Research.

A film describing the content of the paper can be found below:

Collective Intelligence Radio Interview (in German)

Abraham Bernstein, Professor at IfI, was interviewed on Collective Intelligence by the Swiss Radio DRS radio show Wissen aktuell in their June 5 edition. The show is available as a podcast or as a download (in German!).

The Interview touches on DDIS initiatives on how to coordinate large crowds to achieve intelligent outcomes as witnessed by their Communications of the ACM paper and the CrowdLang effort.

Google Tech Talk on Natrural Language Interfaces to the Semantic Web

Abraham Bernstein gave a Google Tech Talk in Zurich on the subject "Making the Semantic Web Accessible to the Casual User" on June 26, 2008. You can watch it below or at

Esther Kaufmann giving talk at ISWC 2007

Esther Kaufmann Giving Talk about the Project at ISWC 2007

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