Details for Talk on: 13.06.2016

  • Speaker: Timo Mennle
  • Title: The Pareto Frontier for Random Mechanisms
  • Abstract: We study the trade-offs between strategyproofness and other desiderata, such as efficiency or fairness, that often arise in the design of random ordinal mechanisms. We use epsilon-approximate strategyproofness to define "manipulability," a measure to quantify the incentive properties of non-strategyproof mechanisms, and we introduce the "deficit," a measure to quantify the performance of mechanisms with respect to another desideratum. When this desideratum is incompatible with strategyproofness, mechanisms that trade off manipulability and deficit optimally form the "Pareto frontier." Our main contribution is a structural characterization of this Pareto frontier, and we present algorithms that exploit this structure to compute it. To illustrate its shape, we apply our results for two different desiderata, namely Plurality and Veto scoring, in settings with 3 alternatives and up to 18 agents.