Details for Talk on: 26.09.2017

  • Speaker: Dmitry Moor
  • Title: Designing Markets for Distributed Data
  • Abstract: It is generally acknowledged that data is a valuable resource, and there already exists an efficient technology for querying data from distributed databases (such as the Web of Data). However, this technology is very much underutilized. This happens mostly because of a lack of financial incentives for data providers to publish their data in a specially structured format. The primary reason for that is that advertisement, the main source of income of data providers in the traditional Web does not work in the Web of Data as the data in this case is processed by machines rather than by humans. Enabling full utilization of this technology would allow to automatically integrate and process data coming from multiple data providers, enforcing more efficient search for information in numerous domains from drug discovery to development of large scale question-answering AI systems. I will address this issue by designing a market for selling data produced by different data providers and stored in distributed databases. In this talk I am going to present and discuss the formal model.