Benedikt Bünz wins Award for his BSc Thesis

Benedikt Bünz, who is now a Master's student in Computer Science at Stanford University, wrote an excellent Bachelor's thesis on "Faster Algorithms and Better Payment Rules for Core-Selecting Combinatorial Auctions." For this thesis, he now won an award from the University of Zurich, which is given to the four best Bachelor's theses written at UZH's Faculty of Economics, Business and Informatics every semester (the "Semesterpreis").

His thesis was advised by Prof. Sven Seuken from the Computation and Economics Research Group, with additional input from Prof. Benjamin Lubin from Boston University. It is particularly noteworthy that this thesis has already led to one publication in a top conference, as well as another working paper:

  1. A Faster Core Constraint Generation Algorithm for Combinatorial Auctions.
    Benedikt Bünz, Sven Seuken, and Benjamin Lubin. In Proceedings of the 29th Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI), Austin, Texas, January 2015.[pdf]
  2. New Core-Selecting Payment Rules with Better Fairness and Incentive Properties.
    Benjamin Lubin, Benedikt Bünz, and Sven Seuken. Working Paper, April, 2015.[pdf]

Benedikt will officially receive his award from the president of UZH in the closing ceremony of the "UZH Teaching Day" on Wednesday, November 4th, 2015.

Congratulations, Benedikt, for a job very well done!