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Department of Informatics Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies

Implementing a Wallet for a Cardano Blockchain Testnet

Level: BA/MA 
Responsible Person:Dr. Sina Rafati Niya 
Keywords: Cardano, Blockchains, Testnets, Wallets

In the cryptocurrency world, everyone can exchange value digitally without third- party oversight. The main interfaces to connect to Blockchains (i.e., enablers of the cryptocurrencies) and leverage the cryptocurrency ecosystem for regular users are web pages and mobile applications [1]. Currently, multiple CLI, Desktop, mobile native, or web-based wallets are developed for the Cardano Blockchain such as the “cardano-wallet” [2], “Daedalus Wallet” [3], and “Yoroi Wallet” [4], which are performing fine in the mainnet or official testnets. However, those wallets lack network-specific configurations for local (private) networks.
This practical thesis/project aims at developing or modifying an existing wallet’s source code to perform with full functionality in connection to a parallel Cardano chain hosted at UZH. A set of features expected from this web-based wallet includes: 1) sending and receiving Fungible and Non-fungible Tokens (FTs and NFTs), 2) Registering as a validator, 3) Staking, 4) Delegating, 5) NFT gallery, 6) Activity and statement history view.

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