Venue & Travel


The summer school will take place at the Hallenstadion Conference Center, which is located in the district Oerlikon in the northern part of Zurich. It can be reached by bus 63 & 94 or tram 11 (3 min from Oerlikon train station).
eSMCs summer school - Hallenstadion show in enlarged map
Here you find directions from the hotels (Ibis Hotel Messe Airport & Sternen Oerlikon) to the Hallenstadion


For summer school participants we blocked several rooms at the Ibis Hotel Messe Airport which is within walking distance from the summer school location. It costs 860CHF for 6 nights, Sun 22.9. - Sat 28.9. (~143CHF/night), excl. city tax 2.50CHF/day and 15.00CHF/day breakfast (optional), but you might find cheaper special offers on the website of the hotel. The rooms are blocked until 16.08. only! If you want to book such a room, you have to use the following form (not the website form!):

Ibis hotel reservation form (PDF, 62 KB)

The detailled costs for such a room (excl. citiy tax and breakfast) are the following:
Sun, 22.9. 99CHF
Mon, 23.9. 155CHF
Tue, 24.9. 169CHF
Wed, 25.9. 169CHF
Thu, 26.9. 169CHF
Fri, 27.9. 99CHF

Here is a short list of alternative hotels:
near Oerlikon:
- Hotel Sternen Oerlikon (from ~170CHF/night)
- Hotel Löwen (from ~120CHF/night)
- Holiday Inn Messe Zurich (from ~190CHF/night)
near city center:
- Ibis budget hotel city west (from ~90CHF/night)
- Hotel Leoneck (from ~100CHF/night)
- Hotel Krone (from ~170CHF/night)


By Airplane

There is only one airport in Zürich. From the airport, the local trains go approx. every 10min to Oerlikon station (in 4min). Alternatively, the tram line 10 goes to Sternen Oerlikon (in 14min).

By Train

The train service is run by SBB. From the main train station (Zürich HB) the local trains go approx. every 10min to Oerlikon station (in 6min).

Traveling within Zurich

The public transportation in Zurich is run by ZVV (Zürich Traffic Network). Ticket prices for transportation in Zürich are determined by fare zones (for further information please refer here), independent from the method of transportation. A ticket can be used for all public transportation within the specified fare zones, including trains, trams, buses, cable cars, and certain ships. You should always carry a valid ticket before boarding, otherwise you may be fined CHF 100.
The city center (incl. main station) and Oerlikon are within fare zone 110 (which counts as two zones), for traveling from/to the airport you need a 1-zone upgrade (for fare zone 121).
Prices for tickets are:
- single one-way ticket (1-2 zones: city 110): 4.20CHF
- single one-way ticket (3 zones: city 110 & airport 121): 6.60CHF
- day pass (1-2 zones: city 110): 8.40CHF
- 6-days pass (1-2 zones: city 110) 45.20CHF (this one you have to validate each day again for 24h! You can combine it with a 1-zone-upgrade for 4.20CHF to travel to/from the airport)

Currency Exchange

The currency for Switzerland is Swiss Franc (CHF), not EURO.
To change from your currency to CHF at Zürich airport, you are recommended to do so through the SBB (Swiss Federal Railways) centre, Credit Suisse counters, and Travelex counters all inside the airport. There are not many places for currency exchange in downtown Zürich except in major Swiss banks and at the main train station. For locations of the above services at the airport, please click the above links and follow the maps below:
The SBB centre and Credit Suisse counters at Airport Centre
Credit Suisse counters and Travelex counters at Arrival 2