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Department of Informatics Artificial Intelligence Lab (ARCHIVE)

Open Student Projects

The Artificial Intelligence Laboratory provides students of all faculties with opportunities to write "Semesterarbeiten" or "Diplomarbeiten" in the broad context of Artificial Intelligence or Cognitive Science. Students in informatics, psychology, biology, mathematics, economics, physics, electrical or mechanical engineering, philosophy and many other areas from the University, the ETH, HTLs or other places are very welcome to participate in our multidisciplinary research group.

Due to the rapidly changing nature of current research in the AI Lab, students interested in either semester or diploma projects not found in the list below are asked to consult the web pages of the AI Lab's graduate students or the research projects. If a project seems interesting, please contact the graduate student directly, and they can provide more information, and possibly provide a relevant student project.

Current open projects:

Computer Vision and Flying Robots

  • See here for a list of open projects with Prof. Scaramuzza

Morphological Computation


Human - Robot Interaction and Adaptation

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