Looking for undergraduate student for Robot Teaching

Humanoid Robot Teaching, Programming and Control In this project, we are developing a tendon driven robot for the Robots on Tour event to be held in Zurich next year. This project is a collaborative effort between universities, including University of Zurich, ETH Zurich, Technische Universität München etc., and private companies, including Maxon Motors AG, Baumer Electric, AWTEC AG etc. This project involves fast-­‐paced developmental and research work. Participants will be able to see and be involved in the entire developmental process of a humanoid robot within a very short span of a few months. The student attached to this project will be involved in the programming and control of the robot, in particular in control tuning, robot teaching and programming. The main area of work involves teaching the robot to move in a human-­‐like manner in order to interact with visitors in the Robots on Tour event. Participants in this project are required to have some basic C++ programming skills. Some basic knowledge in systems and control is preferred but not mandatory.

Christian Forster