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"When I decided to join the Big Data and Machine Learning CAS I was not really sure what to expect but this program was a great experience. It gave me the possibility to become familiar in a short time with many research findings in the fields of data mining, NLP and deep learning as well as with new methods about big data processing and storage. I also had the chance to learn about new domains like Blockchain or Robotics which were completely unknown to me. In addition, the theoretical knowledge I gained as well as the examples allowed me to further explore the topics where my interest increased as part of this program. Last but not least, I had the chance to meet exceptional people. The highly skilled professors and instructors did great to fast accommodate to the unexpected Corona-Virus requirements and succeeded to make the online learning experience very valuable. In addition, the diversity of participants coming from different business environments allowed me to exchange very useful information, not only on a personal level but as well as on a professional one."


"To me, the CAS Big Data and Machine Learning was very valuable and gave me a helpful overview of current topics and applications in this area.
The lectures were of high quality and always presented a good mixture of theory (some of them very technical) and practical use cases. 
In addition, further reading was recommended in case you wanted to delve deeper into a topic. In summary, I can conclude that the CAS 
heavily increased my motivation to try out some of the models presented in the CAS in my daily business life."

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Martin Volk

Prof. Martin Volk und Teilnehmer CAS